Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vanessa's Wedding

VANESSA IS MARRIED! I'm so happy for her. I love them both so much for making the choice of getting married in the temple. It was a beautiful day! She was so beautiful and they were both on cloud 9 all day long. We had a wedding luncheon at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for the happy couple. It was very nice and very good food. Stuart sang a song for Danny and Vanessa. He sang 'Accidentally In Love' by The Counting Crows. He did a very nice job. They also had a slide show of Vanessa and Danny from babies to now. It was really cute. The luncheon was really good. It was then off to the reception! We all rushed over to the stake center in Stansbury where we got the food set up and got pictures taken. The reception went very well. The refreshments were good and lots of people came. The male siblings from both sides of the bride and groom decorated the car and all that jazz. It was a very good day. Vanessa and Danny went to Yellowstone for their Honeymoon. They are still on it, I think. Anyway, Vanessa and Danny will be opening their wedding presents Sunday in Logan. That'll be exciting!

Life for me is going okay. It could be better. I have been job hunting for about a week now and I am very tempted to work fast food cause I know I'll have better luck in getting a job. I am still trying to find a good paying job for the summer. If any of you people reading this message know of any job hirings, please let me know. I went to a Paramore/Relient K/Fun concert on Monday night. It was so AWESOME! I went with Lacey and Victoria! It was so AWESOME! wait...I just said that. I actually have never heard of the band 'Fun' until Monday night. I thought it was Relient K at first but it wasn't haha They had some pretty good music. I wouldn't mind listening to them more. It was Lacey's first concert ever and so I'm pretty sure she had an amazing first concert experience. :)
Jeremy and I are just friends now. We did go on a few dates but he just felt that it was best if we were friends. I am okay with it. I am perfectly fine being friends with him. I just gotta keep moving. I don't want something to stop me. I am getting better at dating. I think. I have room and time to improve. I actually have a date coming up soon. I'm pretty excited about it :)