Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lazy Sundays

I love Sundays. Especially down here at Snow. Here's why.

1. I can stay up late on Saturday night because I can sleep in on Sunday.

2. Church (for me) doesn't start til 11:45am. So I have all morning to sleep, shower, and take my time getting ready for church.

3.When I do go to church, I have my RS meeting and ward council meetings which go til 12:45.

4. Church goes from 1 to 4.

5. Go home and eat an amazing meal with friends.

6. Feel the spirit all day and meet my home teachers (today)

I do love Sundays. They seem to be stress free all the time. I love it! :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Dear Knee

Dear Knee,

You have been awesome to me my whole life. Yesterday, that changed. We went to aeroboics and you should be used to being used a lot more twice a week. When we were at aeroboics you decided to pop quite painfully while doing some kicks. Now I'm in pain today. Please heal quickly over the weekend. I would love you even more if that happened.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Love-Hate Relationship with Fall

I love and hate the fall. Here are the reasons why for both.

Love: I love the fall because the leaves change color and you can get some incredible pictures if your in the right spot at the right time. :) The temperatures are cooler but not that cold...yet. Plus Halloween is in the fall. FREE CANDY! and Thanksgiving which is one of my favorite holidays. :) I love fall because of the crunchy leaves that are on the ground. I always like crushing the really crunchy leaves. It puts a smile on my face.

Hate: Summer is over. More storms come in like Snow and rain. I love the rain. but when Snow comes into play, I'm not a fan. It means that it's getting colder which is no bueno. I don't like cold weather. Thank heavens for blankets and layers. haha

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dear He Is We

Dear He Is We

You are coming to Salt Lake City in 11 days from today(Nov. 5). I am overfilled with joy that I will get to meet you in person. I would love to get some pictures with you. My roommates and I are also making shirts just for the concert. We all are very excited to hear the wonderful music of Trevor and Rachel. :) It will be a wonderful day indeed.


P.S. - Can we be best friends?

Friday, October 22, 2010


I am truly blessed with my roommates this year. I am so happy that I am close to my roommates. I was close with my roommates last year but this year, it's different. I am having the time of my life this year!

Here are some of the things that we do in our apartment:

Support LaLa when she tried out for Miss Snow
Decorating our apartment Black, White and Green.
Having sleep overs in the kitchen
Going to black light parties

Going lazer tagging

Playing in the rain
Staying up til 3am talking about random things.

Watching Glee (Yup. They got me hooked on it)

Making t-shirts for the He Is We concert in 2 weeks! (will post about that soon)

Going around campus blasting "My First Kiss" in Bianca's car during True Badger Night.

Making videos for "The LaLa Show"
Making music videos.
Movie marathons on weekends.

I love my roommates so much! They are awesome and we have so much fun! Maybe a little too much fun but hey! we're in college right? Live it to the fullest is my college motto. :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

General Conference Weekend

WOW! That's all I can say talking about the weekend as a whole. I think many people will agree with me.

Friday: I went home as soon as I could because I had a date later that afternoon. Don't worry, I got home in time. Josh picked me up at my house and met my dad. For those of you who know my dad, he likes to intimidate guys that come over to my house. Josh was perfectly fine with my dad! SHOCKER! He actually told me after we closed the front door that he thought my dad was a fun guy. I haven't heard that one yet. On our way to dinner I had no idea that this date would be one of the best dates I've ever been on. We went to Applebee's for dinner which was really good and we had good conversations. We then went Mini Golfing where Josh was cheating and taunting me that I wasn't going to win. Yep, he kicked my trash. He actually got a hole in one. (bravo!) We then went to his house where I met his parents. I know his mom because she cuts my hair. I never met his dad until that night. His dad is awesome! He was so fun and outgoing. Usually dads seem intimidated or are busy with things. Then Josh played the piano for me. My heart melted when he played Phantom of the Opera for me. He is amazing at playing the piano but he doesn't take the credit for himself. We then watched the movie "Up". Good movie. While we were watching the movie, he put his arm around me. My stomach suddenly filled with butterflies. After the movie he took me home and all weekend we've been texting. Thanks Josh :)

Saturday: Pretty much a lazy day. We watched General Conference which was EPIC! I loved Elder Holland's talk on Gratitude. It made me realize that I should say Thank You more often. I should be more grateful in my prayers. I also liked Elder Hales talk about Agency and what we should do with our agency that we have. Another favorite talk that I liked was President Eyring's talk on Trusting in the Lord and listening and acting upon the spirit when it talks to us. I love General Conference. It's refreshing to hear the word of the prophet and to use them in our daily lives. During the priesthood session, Mom and I went to dinner and we rented some movies to watch. We watched "The Last Song" and "When In Rome". My mom and I have come to the conclusion that we both can't stand Miley Cyrus's acting! IT DRIVES US CRAZY! When in Rome was actually pretty good. :) I liked it.

Sunday: We had Ethan over, like every Sunday, where we had a homecooked meal :) *sigh* boy did I miss home cooked meals! It was so delicious that I was happy all day! We invited Grandma and Grandpa over for dinner as well which was nice. I've missed them both so much! It was really good to just relax at home with my family. I hadn't been home for a month so a trip home was LONG overdue! Thanks to my wonderful mom for cooking meals for me along with making texas sheet cake for dessert :) I love going home!