Monday, July 26, 2010

One more month!

It's less than a month until I am back down to good ol' E-town. I am so excited to be going back! I miss my friends and it'll be so fun to meet new people. I am getting two new roommates this year. I think their names are Hayley and Holly. They aren't twins but I know they are freshman. I am so excited to meet them and to become good friends with them.

I am also getting roommates who lived just across or down the hall from me. Kaitlyn Waters is going to be my room roommate this year! I am so excited! She is such an awesome friend and I can't wait to spend the next year making memories with her!

Victoria Tuakimoana! She is going to be one of my roommates. She is the most awesome girl ever! I love her so much. She will make the apartment laugh so hard this year. I can tell already it'll be a good year!

I also get to see all my other friends that are down there or are going to be down there including my former roommates Zenobia and Melanie. :) I love them both so much and they made me a better person just by being my roommate for a semester each.

I will also have the awesome joy of being close to family. My Aunt Gayle and Uncle Scott just got home from their mission in Kenya. They live in Fairview which isn't too far away from E-town. It'll be nice to get to see them more often and to have them meet my friends and roommates.

I am taking some awesome classes this fall. One of them will be in the new library which is very exciting since it opens in August sometime. I will also be on the radio this fall. My former home teachers Nick and Chris were on the radio last year during spring semester which was a lot of fun. They made us laugh so hard and we had good memories with them!

Can't wait to move down there!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Pretty much my life is McDonald's. All I do is work. I've been working there for almost a month and I'm working 30+ hours a week which is good for me for Snow this fall. It's been going good though. There are people there that aren't LDS of course which is what I was expecting. There are some people that annoy me very badly but I keep that to myself. One of the biggest things that I don't like about working at McDonald's is that my co-workers talk behind each others backs to me. I don't talk about anyone in a bad way when I work there but it just bugs me when other people do it. But I meet the funniest, weirdest, meanest (is that really a word?) people that come into McDonald's

The nicest guy that comes in every day is a guy named Bob. He lives just a few minutes away from McDonald's. He comes in and all the workers at McDonald's know him. He either comes in for lunch or breakfast but he's so awesome and nice. He actually remembers Vanessa when she used to work there. Every time he comes in he always ask how Vanessa is doing. I called Vanessa the other day and talked to him about Bob and we had some good laughs about him.

The meanest people I've seen is I was doing pick up which is where you pick up your food in the drive thru and so this lady wanted an extra drink when she was picking up her order so I told her to pull forward and that I would bring it out to her so I got the drink and I walked out there and because she wanted an extra drink, she'd have to pay for it so I gave her the drink and said the total and she started swearing at me and saying that she shouldn't pay. She gave me back the drink and sped off. A DRINK! She swears at me for giving her the drink and she didn't want to pay. What is the world coming to? seriously...

We have garbage receptacles that say "Thank You" when you put trash in there. Well we get people that come in that are fascinated with the fact that it is automatic and that it says "Thank You". I've actually had guys record the whole process on their phone or video camera. IT'S JUST A TRASH CAN! haha

This weekend I had my friend and roommate this fall, Victoria Tuakimoana (call me and try saying the last name haha), stayed with me for a farewell today. We actually went to the Drive-In in Erda (good ol' Erda) and watched Eclipse and Letters to Juliet! They are both really good movies! I've seen Eclipse already before but I hadn't seen Letters to Juliet and it was really cute! Definitely a chick flick but good :) Today we went to one of my college friends mission farewells. Spencer Jensen is going to the Lima, Peru mission. He's going to be such a good missionary. Lucky for me, he lives in Erda. We went to his house afterwards for lunch and chatting with a bunch of my friends from Snow. :) It was a good day today.

Mom and Grandma are in Canada. It's so weird that mom is gone. I'm so used to her being around the house. But she deserves a break. :) I'm sure she will be having lots of fun in Canada this week with Aunt Kaye and Uncle Gary.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Phone!

I finally got a new phone! I've been wanting one so bad now for so long! I had a slide phone which was nice when I first had it and then buttons stopped working on it. Drove me crazy. So yesterday I called T-mobile and asked if i qualified for a full upgrade and she said yes so I went to the T-Mobile store and checked out their phones. Didn't know which ones to get but I was looking at touch screens. I finally decided on one and got it. Phil went with me but didn't buy a phone. He decided that he wanted to look online. I really like my new phone. it's so nice and it's 10 times better than my old phone. It's a Nokia Nuron.

I'm getting more hours in at McDonald's. Which is helping me stay busy. I've also been playin the piano a lot. I love playing it and getting to know different songs on the piano.

The 4th of July was fun! Instead of going to the parade in the morning, we watched the world cup on TV. We also did waterballoon launching on our street. Okay, story time! So I was down watching the guys catch waterballoons for a while and I was leaning on Stu's car by the cemetery. I was just watching the waterballoons fly until I see this one coming straight for my head. I ducked my head and put my hands on the back of my head to protect it and I just hear this whoosh sound in my right ear and I hear it hit the gravel. Both Danny and Dad said "You were lucky you ducked your head because if you didn't, it would've hit you right in the ear!" It was so scary at the time but I was really lucky. We then had dinner which was hamburgers, baked beans, corn on the cob, potato salad, fruit salad and punch. It was soo good. :) We went to Grantsville to watch fireworks and I ran into my best friend from college Janessa McNeill! I was so happy to see her. I hadn't seen her in 2 or 3 weeks :) it was pretty awesome! The fourth of july weekend was really good. :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010


My summer has been going pretty well. Time is flying by!

I started working at McDonald's this week. It's not as bad as I thought it was going to be. It's pretty fun though. I've met some really nice people while I've worked there this week. I love making new friends and it's fun meeting people everyday there.

I've also gone into reading this summer. I'm currently reading a few of Mary Higgins Clark books. The one I'm reading right now is called "There's No Place Like Home" it's pretty interesting. It's a murder mystery and it's getting intense!

I'm very excited about this weekend, with it being the 4th of July and all. It'll be fun having the whole family together and involving Danny with our 4th of July activities. We go to the parade, we have a BBQ, we launch waterballoons down the street, and then we watch the fireworks. :) I'm looking forward to a day of fun!

Mom and I are going to see Eclipse tomorrow night. I've heard that it's the best movie out of all of them so far. Well, Mom and I will see how it is when we watch it tomorrow :)