Monday, September 19, 2011

Unexpected gifts in life

So this past week has been AMAZING! Let me explain first...

Lately in my life I've just had a lot of moments by myself or with my family which I love and I believe that everyone should have those moments in life. I've missed having a very good friend in my life. I felt like sometimes I can't call a friend when I'm feeling down or something like that. Well I've been wanting someone to come into my life and become involved as a friend.

This week changed things....a lot. :)

I only thought that this person would just say hi to me once a week but I totally thought wrong. One night of talking can make a whole difference for a persons life. I guess it was something that I was looking for. I found out that this person is an amazing, awesome, and wonderful person. We both have quite a bit in common and it makes me become more open with this person. It's definitely been a while since I've been this open with a guy. I know you probably hear that a lot from me but this one is definitely different. :) It definitely makes me think about what I want in life at the moment.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sometimes I Procrastinate

So yeah I'm sorry it's been a while....a long while since I last updated my blog! I'll try to be better at it! Okay, so here's whats been going on since my last update.

-To get this over with, work has been the same as usual. Nothing to grand going on there. Just working a lot. We did get new food items at McDonald's and it's the Caramel Apple Parfait and the Caramel Apple Sundae. I'm not too big on the parfait just because I don't like them but the Caramel Apple Sundae.....YUM!!! If you ever go, get one :) it's so's like christmas in a bowl.

-Also at work, I've been learning some espanol! Ole! :) haha it's been fun. My co-worker Jose has been teaching me what to say in certain situations at work and how to greet people. I'm also learning the different foods in spanish as well.

-About 2 weeks ago, my friend Summer asked me if I could go with her to Texas to help move her daughters down to her sisters. She didn't want to be the only one driving alone and so I went with her. We went through Montecello to the Four Corners to Colorado then down to Albequerque to Lubbock,TX then to Harker Heights, TX where we dropped the girls off. Then we turned right around and went back home. We started our trip on Friday at 3:30pm and didn't get back home til Monday at 8:30pm. Total miles was about 2600 miles. It was quite the trip but it was a lot of fun. We had a dog with us named George who was actually really good during the trip, we thought he was going to be sick. On our way back we went through Moab and saw the beautiful red rocks. :) I brought home some glass thimbles for my mom from each state that I was in. She has them in her sewing room.

-So this past weekend, we had a birthday bash where we celebrated all the September birthdays. Stuart was playing in Salt Lake opening for Jason Derulo. He was in his awesome band Profetik. They have some pretty good music! Then on Monday we went to the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy where we saw all the different animals that live in water...some weren't like spiders....totally not supposed to be there haha. But then we went to the Pi and ate yummy Pizza. We had cake and ice cream and trifle. Good day overall.

-So now I'm just living life to the best that I possibly can. Working a lot and spending a lot of time with my family. My mom and I have become very close. Her and I will do lots of things together like shopping, watching movies and TV shows. We've been into a lot of TV shows lately. Friday Night Lights ended a while back and then Rookie Blue just ended (sad face!) for the season though. it'll be spring... anyway, we're going to get into the TV Shows Whitney and the The Sing-Off. I heard that Vocal Point or Voice Male (one of the two) are going to be on the show so look out for them! :)

-It's crazy because a lot of my friends are on missions. I have 2 of my girl friends that got their calls and are leaving in the next month or two. Jami is going to New Zealand and Kaitlyn is going to Arizona! woot! It's got me thinking a lot about a mission and I've been going on splits with the sister missionaries. I have about 10 of my good friends that are out on missions and some of them will be home before I leave...yeah I'm gonna go on a mission. I decided to go a while ago and everything that talks about a mission....the spirit just hits me so strong and I start getting emotional....yeah I'm going. :) I figured out that I can turn in my mission papers in January and then get my call around March-ish. That's my plan right now. It could change....I'm just leaving it up to the Lord.