Monday, April 26, 2010

Finals, Finals, Finals...

As you all know from the title of this blog, it is finals this week. This is my schedule for the week: Tuesday: Math Final. Wednesday: Education Final. Thursday: History Final. Friday: Mass Media Final and going home. Also in between the finals I will be cleaning, studying and packing. I am so ready to be done with school but I don't want to leave my friends for the summer. So many things have happened this school year!

My roommates are the most awesome roommates! I am truly blessed to have such amazing roommates. Alaina, is going on a mission this year and I am so proud of her for making that choice to serve the lord for a year and a half. Sheri is off to BYU in the fall (Jarom! major possibilty! ;) ) and she is majoring in art. She is an awesome friend. She loves having fun and making other people smile. Zenobia! She's getting married in August. She has been a very big infulence on me this semester. She is so filled with the spirit and she loves cooking and having fun.It's so crazy how I'm the only one in my apartment thats coming back next year. ahh! I'm gonna miss my roommates so much next year.

My dorm friends have changed my life. Janessa, Lacey and Sam. Oh my gosh. I don't even know where to begin. Sam! She has this amazing talent at quoting "pieces of flair" from facebook or movie quotes. She is up for anything type of girl. This year she's done things from the Hindu Color Festival to Yoga and Jillian Michaels work outs. :) Lacey! She is such a beautiful girl. She has such an amazing talent at art and photography. She also loves going on adventures and being crazy! Janessa! She has become one of my closest friends. Her and I are almost sisters. Lacey, Sam and Janessa are all my best friends. I am going to miss them next year because I won't be able to see them that much next year. we'll make time though. All of the rest of the girls in the dorm as well like Victoria, the Megans, Kaitlyn, Krystal, Angela, Amanda, Ryan, Danielle and all the other girls. We have had some fun times wether it be in the hall or at the dorm parties :) I will surely miss you girls!

I am looking forward to some things that are going to happen this summer. I am looking for a job which is the most important thing for me at the moment. I am also really looking forward to Vanessa's wedding. I cannot believe that she'll be married in 2 weeks. It is going to be so weird but so awesome cause it's the first wedding in my family. It will be fun to see them on the outside of the temple and at the reception. I love her so much...Danny as well. I am so proud of them for making the choice to get married in the temple. :) I can't wait til I am able to go into the temple with a worthy priesthood holder and be sealed forever. I am also excited to be with my family for the summer. I've missed them. I've missed spending time together as a family. It's been a while since we've all been together. I also have a lot of friends either from college or high school that are going on missions soon. I will be attending a lot of mission farewells this summer. Time flies so fast! It's crazy that my friends are going on missions!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Busy Weekend!

I come home and I am already busy, busy, busy. I helped out with all 3 of the bridal showers that happened the past 2 days. They were all really fun in the end. Vanessa got so many presents and it was like Christmas all over again for her. The first shower we went to was at the church here in Lake Point and all the Lake Point people got to come to this shower. Some of Vanessa's friends came as well. I was officially the present girl. I would pass the presents to her and she'd open them and then I'd stack them so they are nice and neat for her to go into her car. We played a game at the first shower where if we have done something then we get a prize. There were a lot of different prizes in the middle. Some of the 'have' things were really funny.

The next shower was at Danny's place in Grantsville. His mom threw the shower. All of the relatives in Danny's family was there. It was a little weird because I only knew about 5 people there. I was so bad with names as well so I didn't remember names. It was fun though. We played some games and had a nice lunch. Vanessa opened more presents and I had to put all the ribbons in her hair for later. After she was done with all the presents, Danny had to kiss her for every ribbon that was in her hair. :) it was so cute seeing them together.

In between showers, Stuart and his really close friend who happens to be a girl named Arie (I don't know if they are together or not. I think they are but I'm not totally sure) came out to Lake Point and she met the family. She's a quilter! We got to see some of her projects and they are so cute! :) I really like her already. I could tell with Stuart that he was different around her but it was like a happy different if that makes sense.

The final shower was the naughty shower! oh la la! haha I'm not going to say much about this cause I can't really say anything. My friend Christina and I were in charge of the shower and we had some games and dinner at the shower. We had spaghetti and salad and all that jazz. We played this song game where we listen to different love songs. There were only 5 of us there. It was Vanessa, Christina, Steff, Mom and I. It was fun though.

I then went on a date with this guy named Jeremy. He's from Taylorsville. He came and picked me up and met dad. Dad was nice which I was happy with. I was so nervous that he would give Jeremy a heart attack or something haha. We went to the gateway and went tot he Clarkplanetarium and watched the U2 laser show. Mom was jealous, of course. We then just walked around the gateway talking. We realized that all the stores were closed along with the resturaunts. We then ate at a Dee's in Taylorsville. It was really fun. We just talked and ate and talked some more. I then got to see where he lived and I met some of his family. His family was really nice. He just took me home after that. :) He's a really nice guy. I had so much fun on this date. He's going to come down to Snow next weekend for the "Spring Masquerade Ball" and he'll be my date for that. He'll also get to meet my roommates and my dorm friends. :)

School is coming to an end fast. Finals are going to be here at any moment. I feel like I'm not going to be ready for it. I just need to study a lot. I found out a little while ago that tuition is going up next year by $100. I am not looking forward to paying that. I really need to get a summer job so I won't have to stress about money. :/

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dates, Bridal Showers and No Shoes.

So last weekend was awesome! I went on a date with this guy named Derek. He was so amazing on the date. I think we both had a fun time. We went to Applebee's for dinner and then we went bowling and did some laser tag. :) so much fun!

General Conference was amazing! All the talks were super good. As in the words of my dad "I've never listened to a bad conference so it must be good!" He's so right about that. I can't wait to read the talks in depth and to learn more from it each time I read them. I love it when the prophet speaks to us. He has such light in him that it rubs off on you. He is such an amazing man and I hope that one day I will get to meet him. I also found out that for Commencment here at Snow for graduation, Elder Holland is going to be here talking to us but the thing is Vanessa is going through the temple for the first time that morning of graduation and so I'll be there instead of at graduation.

This weekend is going to be so busy but so fun all at the same time! Vanessa has 3 bridal showers this weekend and I am going to all of them. I'm actually in charge of one of them. She has one Friday night, One Saturday early afternoon and one saturday evening. It's going to be so crazy but so fun for her. It'll be like 3 christmas's in 2 days. :) It'll be fun though. It's the first wedding of the family and so it'll be interesting how this all goes the next month or so.

School is going good. It's getting closer and closer to finals. More and more stress keeps piling on. haha I'm so ready for school to be over but at the same time I don't want it to end. I want it to end because I won't get to see some of my friends for a while. Either some are going on missions or graduating or just going home for the summer. It'll be weird not seeing them everyday. It'll be good to not have school though. I'm getting sick of studying all the time. Well I think I'm done for now. I'll update more.