Thursday, October 1, 2015

Food for Thought.

We can't believe it's been a month since we last posted something on here. It's been kind of a crazy month but we're so excited for October. General Conference, a vacation, our Anniversary and Halloween. But today I felt like I needed to share what my thoughts have been lately.

Everyone has trials going on right now whether they are big or small, they are still a trial. Sometimes when we get more trials in life, it can be overwhelming. Sometimes we see the many trials going on in a persons life whether it's a friend, family member, neighbor, or even a complete stranger. Trials are not easy. They are difficult for a reason. I've been thinking about the people around me and the trials that are going on in their lives and I stopped to think:

"What would Christ do if he were here?"

Now personally, that thought hit me pretty hard. I think at times we forget that Heavenly Father is watching us and that he knows what we're thinking. It's crazy to think that something so quick can change a persons attitude over something so small. I know that I get road rage quite a bit if someone cuts in front of me or is driving too close to the back of my car but I need to think more of what Christ would do if he were here with me. I love my Savior so much. I have a very firm testimony about him and the Atonement. I know that Christ would be more patient, more loving, more sincere to everyone, regardless of who they are or what they've been through. He loves us all and he wants us all to be happy. As General Conference is in a few days I've been thinking about what I will learn from the 2 day conference. I'm excited for it and I'm ready to have the spirit touch my heart to help me change and become a better person. Anyway, the next time you get upset or angry or hurt, try to think of what Christ would do if he were there with you. We love you all and Please feel free to tell us what your thoughts are about this blog post. :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bruce! Fish are friends, not food. :)

So while we were in transition of moving, Abe let me get a cat. The last time I had a cat was April 2009 when my sisters cat named Pre died. I remember that day because it was Senior Prom and that morning, I got the bad news that he passed on. Ever since then, I was either at college or wasn't home long enough to have a pet or the no pets rule in apartments. Last week my sister-in-law, Abe and I went to the local animal shelter to look at cats. We had made the decision today to just look at cats and talk about it. Yeah, that was idea was thrown out the window when we met Bruce. :) He's about 2 years old. He's a Siamese cat and he's been such a good indoor cat. I think the only problems we've had with him is that his claws are a bit too sharp and that he loves to kick cat litter out of his litter box and onto the carpet. He loves sleeping, being pet, playing with string and staring at the second hand of clocks. I don't know why he's so fascinated with the clock but he is...and it's fun to watch him!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

A new chapter in our life.

So between last week and this week. A lot has happened. Last week we found out that we had some intruders in our apartment. There names were GusGus and Jack. If you've never seen Cinderella (which is crazy if you haven't) than to make things easier, we have mice. I really don't like mice. They're quick and small and a stealthy disease. Anyway, last week, I was just about to go shopping with my grandma when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a mouse run across our laundry room. Time for sticky traps! 2 days later, I caught him. Yay! The mice are gone! (Or so I thought) then on Monday, after grocery shopping, I heard little scratches coming from our food pantry. *sigh* oh great...another one. So I open up the pantry and I see where the mouse is coming from. I put steel wool in the hole and proceed to clean the entire shelf. Tuesday morning at 2:30am, we hear our food pantry door open and close real quick as if something had slipped out. Of course I couldn't go back to sleep knowing that I've heard that sound and that usually isn't a good thing. So 4am rolls around and we hear scratching again....but it was actually a mouse knawing on the wood on the back of the cupboard. There were more holes! We both got up and checked it out and stuffed more steel wool around. We also laid sticky traps. In the morning, I did tons of research on the best mouse traps, which method of repelling mice is best, etc. I went to home depot and got some more traps. If you'd like to know what traps I got, let me know and I'll tell ya. And so I set the traps around the apartment at 2pm. We spent some time over at my in-laws, came back to the apartment for a few things and caught another mouse at about 8pm. Because of the mice, Abe and I haven't slept well, especially me. We had talked about our plans for the future for a while now and we really just want to work towards buying a house.

Long story short, Abe and I both felt that we should move in with Abe's parents so that we can use the money we would've used for rent, to save towards a house. Yesterday we started moving stuff. Although we love our landlords, and the rent was good, and we have loved living in Lake Point, we just felt it was best for us to do this. We also got a little spiritual confirmation that we're following the spirit because the bishop talked to us last night about it. He had no idea what was going on! Haha power of revelation right there! :)

Anyway, Abe and I are excited for our new chapter in life. We will miss our ward in Lake Point but its never goodbye. Plus we're only like 5-10 minutes away. I hope you're all doing well!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Welcome to our blog!

Hello everyone! 

We've been thinking for a while that we should probably start a blog for Abe and I. This is Emily's old blog and we turned it around into our blog now. :) We really just wanted to start blogging so that Abe and I can look back on these posts and remember the memories that we've had so far in our life together. :) Some blogs may be awesome and fun, some may be more sad or sobering. Anyway, We're hoping the good outweigh the bad. 

For those who don't know much about us, let me give you some background on The Durfee's!

Abe and I have known each other since we were in kindergarten. I honestly remember playing together at Stansbury Park Elementary School. We'd play Mario and Luigi. He was Mario and I was Luigi. :) For those of you who grew up with us, I also remember the wood and metal playground. Does anyone else remember that playground?

Abe and I were pretty good friends throughout high school and while he was on his mission. We did have a little spark in high school but it didn't last very long. He was the first guy I ever held hands with (aww! precious!). We liked each other but he told me that he was going to serve a mission when he's of age and he didn't want anything to interfere with that. (bravo Abe!) He ended up going on a mission to Guatemala. I wrote him twice and he only wrote me once haha! I went to his farewell and his homecoming. 9 months after being home from his mission, we got chatting on Facebook one night and then we started talking more and more until he asked me on a date. April 28, 2013 was our first date. We watched Return to Me at a park. It was such a perfect first date. The next day, Abe came to church with me and my family. I honestly don't think any guy has wanted to go to church with me as much as Abe did. :) We went for a walk after church where he asked me to be his girlfriend. of course, I said yes! Then about an hour or so later, we had our first (and Abe's first) kiss. He was so shy and innocent about the kiss which made me like him even more.

2 months later, Abe proposed to me at the Bountiful Temple. It was also the day that my beautiful niece was born. It was such a happy day for a lot of people. Abe and I were then sealed in the Jordan River Temple on October 12, 2013. It was a beautiful, perfect day. I am so incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful husband in my life. Along with every marriage, there are ups and downs but with us, we have WAY more happy/fun/silly memories than bad ones.

Some of our hobbies that we like to do together are Geocaching, Netflix, video games, long walks, roadtrips, and being complete weirdos together. ;) Abe loves making knives and straight razors. He loves anything with bacon. His favorite foods are Bacon Bleu Burgers, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Country Fried Steak and Grilled Cheese w/ Tomato Soup. I love reading, listening to music, spending time with my family and playing with makeup. My favorite foods are Dorito Taco Salad, Arctic Circle, anything chocolate and Crepes. 

We hope that you will enjoy our blog posts. Some posts may be long, some short. We'll post soon!