Monday, September 22, 2008


So today I donated for my very first time. I was so nervous but I had my friends with me so I was pretty good while i was in the chair and all. I drank lots and lots of water during my classes and I had a pretty good lunch before going to donate. My friends (Shelby, Steph, Benji, Trevor, and Brittney) went together to donate at the same time. We had to read a book about donating which was quite boring lol then we had to wait...and wait....and wait some more. Once I finally got done waiting and my questions I was in the chair. I had Shelby to my right and Benji to my left. I was glad that they were there.

The guy that was taking my would ask me questions and tell me what he was going to do at the moment. He looked really young like maybe mid 20's and I was just kind of shocked that he was doing this stuff at such a young age. anywho, I was talking to him for a little bit and I read his name tag and started laughing. Shelby was getting a little dizzy and so I told her what I was laughing about. I said "Hey Shelbs, look at the guys name thats helping you with the donation" she was too dizzy that she just asked me "what's his name?" and I said "Edward" :) Now I'm gonna say something here....For those of you that have read Twilight you will know exactly why I was laughing. Edward....Vampire....blood. haha good times. I just wanted to share that with you and say that Edward took my :) I feel so lucky. I asked him if he gets that alot and he said "Yup. Every school I go to I get that." I was laughing pretty hard.

So it took a total of 22 minutes for me to get the pouch filled with my . Usually it would take 5 to 7 minutes but Edward said that my vein was wobbly and so I was pumping for 22 hand was soo tired afterwards. But I felt good after cause I just thought to myself "I saved a life today"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My 2nd Grade Class

I've only been with my 2nd graders for about 3 weeks now. It's been so much fun though. They are so smart. It's very cool cause they all call me Miss Young. There are 26 kids in the class. The teachers name is Ms. Zahm. She's really neat. She's been teaching at over lake for 2 years now and she loves it. She's only 24 years old but she immediately started going into college and teaching. I'm getting to know more from the kids. There is one kid in the class that is different from the rest of the class and his name is Carson. He has a behavior issues but when I was with him yesterday, he was so calm and he would work hard and he'd understand what he was doing. I'm so glad that my class likes me. There aren't that many s in the class. There is about 8 or 9 s in that class and they all come running up to me and hug me saying "Ms. Young! Ms. Young!" They are so cute! The s tell me what they like to do and I'm way happy that I'm one of thier friends. I'm learning so much from just observing Ms. Zahm and the kids. I love it so far. It's amazing what little 7 year olds can think of.

I've been so busy this week. I've been at school or work the past 2 days. I'd go to school and then right after school I'd go to my 2nd graders or I'd go to work. The past 2 days at work it's been really busy. I've had someone working with me both nights and we still didn't get done til 8:15 which is an hour and 15 minutes past closing time. It's been crazy busy but I'm so glad to get a day off. Shaun has been good. I haven't had time to talk to him since sunday but he said that he'll be contacting the missionaries really soon. He got his passport so he's getting closer and closer of coming over here to meet me and my family. I'm so excited about everything that Shaun has done the past months and I love him for that. I just want him to know that I'm trying my hardest not to rush you into becoming a member. I want you to understand what you read and hear. Take your time. I love you. :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend I had so much fun. On Friday my family planned a surprise for Dad since he's going to turn 50 this week. My mom planned it all that we would all show up at Desert Star and surprised him when he thought it was going to be just him and mom. We got cameras ready when they went up the stairs. Dad was very surprised which was good. Desert Star was a lot of fun. (Being my first time there and all) we saw "Scary Poppins" It was hilarious. They did an excellent job. (FYI on Vanessa's blog there are pictures, I only took video)

On Saturday my sunday school class came over and we did a little burial of our sins like the Ammonites do with their weapons in the book of mormon. So we had a breakfast which was Waffles, Sausage, bacon, OJ and Milk. Then we went outside into my back yard dug a hole for our "sins" to be buried. Then afterward we got water balloons and launched them down the street. I got hit twice and they left bruises. One of my arm and one on my leg. They hurt like crazy.

Sunday was an eventful day. We went to our church and came home for 45 minutes then went to my cousins church which is the same building, just different times. and watched my cousin bless his baby. After church we had lunch together and talked with family and friends. Then when we got home, it just rained and rained and oh yeah it rained some more.

So today my friends Brittney and Brett went bowling with me this morning. We got there and there was no one there so we got to goof around for a while. We did 3 games and I didn't win any of them. I was so close on the last game. I was only off by 4 points. Brett won overall, I got second and Brittney got third. It was a lot of fun cause I haven't been bowling for a while.
Brittney bowling Brett bowling