Sunday, August 29, 2010

Paint Fight and New Calling!

This is Kaitlyn, Me and Victoria at the game!

Yesterday, I woke up at 10:30 to the fire alarm going off. My roommate Lala made french toast for us and forgot to turn on the fan above the stove. I went to the rescue and helped her out. Seems like I'm doing that a lot with Lala. It was good french toast and it was nice of her to make it for us.

After breakfast, we then went to the practice field where Snow was having a paint fight. Everyone dove into it and had a blast. My roommate Kaitlyn has a legit camera and she wanted pictures of the whole thing so she gave it to me to take as many pictures as I wanted. I ended up taking over 400 pictures of the paint fight, and the football game that we went to right after all the paint throwing. They also had a slip-n-slide where the people that had paint could go on. It was an awesome game because we slaughtered the other team 80-6. GO BADGERS!

I went to church today to see my new ward. I was very nervous but I knew what was coming during sacrament meeting. I got sustained as Relief Society President of my ward. Yippie! I'm so excited but so nervous about it. We had the relief society and priesthood split just for a few minutes and so I got to see how many girls I am going to meet this year and there are A LOT! Like 80% of my ward is girls. 20% are boys but out of the boys like 5% are Returned Missionaries. It's going to be an interesting year but I'm so excited! Tomorrow is meet your bishop night combined with an ice cream social and a dance. This should be fun. :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

My Roommates.

It's almost been a week since I moved down here and I've had many opportunities to get to know my roommates a little bit more. I know Victoria and Kaitlyn but I don't really know Bianca and Lala very much. So, this week consisted of lots of questions towards them.

Bianca: She is awesome! She is really chill but really fun to be around. We went to girls camp together and school together but I never really talked to her at all. She lives in Stansbury which is only 5 minutes away from Lake Point. She has really good taste in music. She likes everything! She has introduced me to a few bands that I've never heard that I love now!

Lala: She is the same age as me but just took a year off before starting college. She's a very sweet girl and she can be very innocent and some times. I can tell that she is really close to her family. She's very talkative so if you start talking to her, she'll go on for a while. She likes making lists of things she needs to get done either this week, this month, this semester or this year. She's got it all figured out. She is not afraid to state her opinion on things....which can be a good thing or a bad thing.

My roommates have been awesome this first week. I think we're going to have a fun year as roommates. Some of my roommates are doing this show about Lala because she is so funny when she states her opinions on things. I love it! We are going to be on YouTube and also on my roommates blog which I will have as one of my friends blogs on here. She is very knowledgeable but inexperienced...if that makes sense. But Lala is HILARIOUS! I'm pretty sure that more will come on my blog about my roommates more than school. Pictures to come!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back to E-town!

I'm finally back to Snow College for my sophomore year of college. I am so excited for this year but it's going to be so busy for me! I moved in yesterday along with meeting my roommates and getting to know them a little bit better. I also want to get to know the girls in the dorm better as well. I am going to be involved in their lives pretty soon with church stuff so I want to get to know them as soon as I can.

My roommates this year are Victoria, Kaitlyn, Bianca, and Lalaina. Bianca and Lalaina are freshman this year and so Victoria, Kaitlyn and I will be helping them out a lot this year. I am blessed once again to have all my roommates be members of the church. It'll sure help me a lot this year. I am taking 16 credits this year. The classes I'm taking are Geography, Math 1050, Diverse Populations, Radio, Aerobics and Sewing (Mom, Aunt Kaye's and Grandma's favorite of mine). I can tell that I am going to have some fun times this year whether it be with my fun classes or with my roommates or friends.

Today was Alaina's farewell. OH MY GOSH! She is going to be such an awesome missionary! I am so proud of her for making the choice to serve a mission. She will be blessed and she will bless the people of the Philippines through the sharing the gospel with them. I'm going to miss her but she will be in the Lord's hands while she's away from her family and friends.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Root Canal

So about a week ago I got a root canal done on my tooth plus getting 2 cavities filled. I've had a root canal before but it was an awful experience with lots of pain involved. So while I was getting a check up done before the root canal I told the lady that I was very nervous because of the last root canal and she said "We can put you on Nitrus if you would like." and I immediately said yes! They put this nose tube over my nose and she just told me to breathe through my nose and out through my mouth which I did the entire time. The dentist was really nice about making sure I wasn't feeling any pain.

During the surgery I become very tired and sleepy because of the laughing gas I was on. About every 10 to 20 minutes the dentist would ask me if I was doing okay with the gas and what he was doing which I was fine with the whole time. I told my mom afterwards what the dentist and assistant were talking about during the process and I honestly don't think she believes me. haha They talked about flirting, plumbing and I swear the assistant said "monkey face"! The whole process went really well which made me happy. Mom was there the whole time cause she was worried that something would happen. After getting taken off the laughing gas I became very dizzy which is normal and so I had to hold on to my mom for a while before feeling better and seeing straight. It was a very fun experience for me because it's probably the best I've ever felt in a while when it comes to drugs. haha

So I only have a week left of summer before I move back down to school. I'm very excited about it but at the same time don't want to leave home. I love having my parents buy the groceries and not having to pay rent or anything. but I am excited to live on my own again and meet new people. It will be weird not seeing Sheri, Alaina, Ryan Makaiwi, Brad, Daniel, Nick and Chris around but I'm very excited to make new friends and have new adventures come my way.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Things I've Learned This Summer

I've learned so much this summer. Time has flown by that I feel like I need a little more summer to get everything done.

Here are some things that I've learned this summer.

Gaining a Brother-in-law: I had the new experience of having one of my siblings to get married. It was a little bit weird at first but Danny is like a brother to me now. He is such an awesome guy who loves life and likes making the most of it. I am so happy for Vanessa and Danny for getting married in the temple. I love having a brother-in-law and I hope that I will get a sister-in-law sometime soon.

Crocheting: Mom told me before the summer started that she was going to teach me how to crochet. At first I wasn't very excited to learn it but it's actually quite fun. My first project with crocheting was a pot holder. We found some soft yarn and I got the pot holder finished within a week or so. My next project was an Afghan. I was very excited about it because I could use it down at Snow during the winter cause it gets really cold down there. I had the colors match my quilt that I made last year. I got the whole afghan done in a month and a half. I don't know what my next project will be but I'm thinking a sweater or something. If you have any ideas, let me know.

McDonald's: I was jobless for about a month and a half before McDonald's hired me. I think a big thank you goes to Vanessa for previously working there and being a good worker there. It's been tough working there but I am very happy and very blessed to have a job for a while til I go back to Snow. There are some interesting people that you meet while working there but I try my best at the job and I try to get along with everyone.

Quiet Time: Being home with my parents has given me more time to myself. I have had some struggles with some things that have been on my mind the last year and by having some quiet time to myself, I've had the peace that I've been wanting for a long time. I've become closer to my Heavenly Father and to the Holy Ghost because I've just taken time out of my day to just listen and have one-on-one with Heavenly Father.

Missionaries: As most of you know, my Aunt Gayle and Uncle Scott came home from their 2nd couples mission in Kenya. It was so good to see them again and I am lucky that they will only be half an hour away from Snow. Also we have Elder Garner coming home this week. For me, time has flown by when it comes to Eric's mission. I'm so excited to get to see him and talk to him (probably next summer). While I was at Snow, I met a lot of amazing guys. A lot of them are going or are already on their missions. I am so proud of all my guy friends and some girl friends for making that choice to go on a mission. One that I'm very proud of is my roommate Alaina. She is such an amazing friend to me. She has an awesome testimony of the church and I'm so excited for her as she'll be serving the people of The Philippines. I have been thinking about serving a mission but I am going to worry about it after I graduate from Snow.

These are some of the things that I've learned or have watched happen this summer. It was a really good summer. It's gone by so fast and I hope next summer I will experience more than I had this summer. If you are reading this, maybe you could do the same on your blog by sharing with your friends and family the things you have done or learned this summer.