Friday, October 31, 2008


So it's Halloween and today was a pretty fun day. My 2nd graders were having a halloween party today and I was so excited to get there and have fun with them. So I got there and they were talking about a pumpkin and guessing certain things about it like how many seeds there are in it, the circumference, how much it weighs and a few others. It just reminded me of when I was a kid and when we guessed on things we either guessed way too high or way too low of a number. :) aww the good old elementary days. I made the kids some little treat bags and they absolutely loved them! I was so happy that they liked them. I gave Ms. Zahm a pillow with the words "Harvest Season" on it. Mom made it last night in 2 hours. I totally forgot to take a picture of it and hopefull mom won't tickle me for not taking one. I also gave her some gatorade and a snickers. She loved it.

Last night Phil and I carved pumpkins for halloween and I realized that I hadn't carved a pumpkin in a long time. So it was really fun to do that again. Shaun is doing good. I finally got a hold of the missionaries and hopefully the missionaries will contact him soon. He's coming here in 3 weeks and i'm so excited. It seems like it was yesterday that he barely told me when he coming here. :) So here are some pictures of my 2nd graders (p.s.- it was face paint day so some of the kids have paint on their faces) and of the pumpkins Phil and I carved. Phil's pumpkin is the one with round eyes, mines the one with triangular eyes.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fun Saturday Night

Well, this weekend we had Stuart and Vanessa home from college. I had to work saturday but after I worked I went to the ReAl soccer game. It was so much fun! We cheered and had a good time. I even got my picture with Leo the Lion (the ReAl mascot) which was pretty right good (Shaun knows what i'm talking about) Afterwards we went to the Mayan for dinner which was amazing! I had a chicken enchilada which was delicious. We watched the divers dive off the rocks and talked. Dad and I rode tracks on the way to the game so we had to ride them home. It was my first time on Tracks which was pretty fun. On the way to the game we talked to a couple that rides tracks everyday. On the way back it was not so crowded and so we got to have our own seats. Ethan and Stuart came with us which was fun. It was a fun day overall. Here are some pictures of the game, dinner and tracks.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Homecoming Week!

This past week has been so busy. It was homecoming. Everyday we had a dress up day. There are pictures of this whole week. Our dress up days were Monday: Class Colors (seniors wore red) Tuesday: Camo Day Wednesday: Sports Day Thursday: Cowboy Day and Friday: Funeral Day. I dressed up every day but I didn't get pictures everyday. It was alot of fun. We have a class competion for the best hall decorating and I got a few pictures of that. Friday was the football game and the royalty on the field. My cousin Jessica got Miss Congeniality. It was awesome seeing her and cheering for her. On Saturday was the homecoming dance. I was asked by Lee Johnson. A really good friend of mine. We went on double date with Steph and Curtis. We went to Steph's house and played Guitar Hero and Rock Band which was a lot of fun. I love those games. Then the guys went to priesthood session of general conference while the s got dinner ready and then we got ready for the dance. Steph's mom did my hair and it was so pretty. The guys came home and we had dinner and pictures then we went to the dance. We got pictures taken there and danced for a little then we went back to Steph's house to watch a movie. We watched PeeWee's Big Adventure. It was interesting. I was really tired and ly fell asleep. They woke me up and Lee took me home. It was a good day. Here are pictures of the week