Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Birthday Bash!

So it was my roommate, Kaitlyn's birthday this weekend. We had asked her weeks in advance what she wanted to do for her birthday weekend. One of the things she said was to build a fort. So what did we do? We built a fort in our front lobby of the building. Do i have pictures? Yup. It was a very big success! It was very cozy in there! We fit about 10-12 people in there! I loved it! We *cough cough* watched Harry Potter 7 on Bianca's laptop in the fort while having birthday cake! (P.S. Tresa, I read your blog about Enoch and his fort! I want him to see the fort that we made!) and there is a video too of inside the fort!

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T Fowler said...

That is an amazing fort! You did a great job. How fun that you could fit 10 people in there and watch movies. That is a very cool present - I'll have to remember that for Enoch's next birthday!