Wednesday, September 26, 2012

University Inn (Hilarious Moment!)

I'm very excited that my amazing mother is coming up to Logan this weekend to visit us children of hers. :) But as I said in the last post that if people commented on the blog that I would tell a funny story in the next post I do. So here it is.

So when my mom comes up to Logan she will be staying at the University Inn on campus here. The last time she stayed there was back in January and I was there with her. We were busy that first day just doing stuff and talking with family that we got into the hotel quite late. We were pretty tired so we just fell asleep. The next morning I was going to take a shower because I was so tired the night before. Now just so you know, I've made it blog appropriate. :) It's quite a hilarious story and we'll try to make it as if you were there.

I was taking a shower and I was just about to finish my shower but I needed my razor to shave my legs. But I left my razor on the counter in the bathroom. So what I did was I stepped out of the shower to go get it. I was stepping back into the shower when I slipped and fell into the tub. It took me a moment to realize what was going on but when I did, I started laughing :) here's my mothers point of view from this.

She was getting ready for the day and packing up her stuff when she heard this big crash. At first she thought it was the maids outside and that the cart tipped over or something so she was like "what is going on?" then she heard me laughing in the bathroom and put two and two together. :) she opened the door a crack and was asking me if I was okay and I just kept laughing. :) we both started laughing and I told her I was alright. Got up and finished my shower. Needless to say, I was sore for the next couple days. My mother and I tend to have lots of moments like that where we laugh so hard that we're crying. I love those memories I've had with her. LOVE YOU MOMMY!!! :)

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