Saturday, August 23, 2008

School Starts!

It's very strange to think that I'm a Senior in High School. I'm graduating! Ahh! Well, I went to my first day of school and it is so strange to think that there are no upper classmen above me. lol I am the upper classmen. I went to school and went to my classes. My schedule this semester is 1. Seminary 2. Eng 1010 3. Musical Theater 4. Show Choir 5. Adv. Math 6. Study Hall 7. Psy 1010 8. Internship

I'm so glad I have seminary first hour. I can feel the spirit in the morning and have it with me throughout the day. I'm way excited about my Musical Theater class and my Internship class. My musical theater class we're going to be learning about composers and performance skills. My Internship class is in Tooele and I'm going to go to an Elementary School into one of the classes and help out there. I'm really excited to meet the class and to learn more about it.

It is really strange not having Vanessa home. She's down at Snow College for the semester and it's weird not having her home. I'm used to her coming home from work or from band. But It'll take a while for me to get used to it. The family went down to help her unpack and get settled in a week ago. It was interesting how housing is going to be like for her and me next year. It's going to be a very intersting experience when I go to college.


Ford Fam said...

Enjoy senior year, it is the best!

Vanessa said...

SISTER KITTY!! Hi sister kitty. I like your blog! You'll have fun and I miss you guys too!