Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fun Saturday Night

Well, this weekend we had Stuart and Vanessa home from college. I had to work saturday but after I worked I went to the ReAl soccer game. It was so much fun! We cheered and had a good time. I even got my picture with Leo the Lion (the ReAl mascot) which was pretty right good (Shaun knows what i'm talking about) Afterwards we went to the Mayan for dinner which was amazing! I had a chicken enchilada which was delicious. We watched the divers dive off the rocks and talked. Dad and I rode tracks on the way to the game so we had to ride them home. It was my first time on Tracks which was pretty fun. On the way to the game we talked to a couple that rides tracks everyday. On the way back it was not so crowded and so we got to have our own seats. Ethan and Stuart came with us which was fun. It was a fun day overall. Here are some pictures of the game, dinner and tracks.


Andy Guo said...
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Shaun Boulton said...

Hey Emily, i love those pictures, it looks like so much fun!

You look really beautiful on the last picture :)