Friday, October 31, 2008


So it's Halloween and today was a pretty fun day. My 2nd graders were having a halloween party today and I was so excited to get there and have fun with them. So I got there and they were talking about a pumpkin and guessing certain things about it like how many seeds there are in it, the circumference, how much it weighs and a few others. It just reminded me of when I was a kid and when we guessed on things we either guessed way too high or way too low of a number. :) aww the good old elementary days. I made the kids some little treat bags and they absolutely loved them! I was so happy that they liked them. I gave Ms. Zahm a pillow with the words "Harvest Season" on it. Mom made it last night in 2 hours. I totally forgot to take a picture of it and hopefull mom won't tickle me for not taking one. I also gave her some gatorade and a snickers. She loved it.

Last night Phil and I carved pumpkins for halloween and I realized that I hadn't carved a pumpkin in a long time. So it was really fun to do that again. Shaun is doing good. I finally got a hold of the missionaries and hopefully the missionaries will contact him soon. He's coming here in 3 weeks and i'm so excited. It seems like it was yesterday that he barely told me when he coming here. :) So here are some pictures of my 2nd graders (p.s.- it was face paint day so some of the kids have paint on their faces) and of the pumpkins Phil and I carved. Phil's pumpkin is the one with round eyes, mines the one with triangular eyes.

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Gayle J. Randall said...

Loved the pics of Halloween with the second graders. When I taught school it was second grade--the best! You are doing so well with your class, Emily. You are a natural born teacher. Good luck with your goals and good luck waiting the next three weeks. You're learning patience! Love,
Aunt Gayle