Sunday, May 31, 2009

My birthday and graduations.

Well, My birthday was yesterday and I had an awesome birthday! I'm 18 now! woot woot! I can buy stuff off of TV now! yay! haha. So my day started out with sleeping in til 9:30 which felt amazing. then I went to the play "Teasure Island" at Hale Center Theatre which was awesome because the main guy in that play that had most of the dialouge and everything was only 16 years old! it was incredible. I came home and I just chilled with my family for a while. We went to see the new "X-Men wolverine" movie which was really good. I liked it. We had cake and ice cream when we got back and I got a $50 gift card to Fashion Bug which I'm very excited to go shopping at.

Anyway, Church was good. We had lunch and all. I had to sing at Seminary Graduation which was today. I did really well. My Aunt Diane really surprised me when she said that she's never heard me sing before. haha I've been singing for years now and she barely noticed? anyway, it was really fun taking pictures with all the Lake Point people and my friends and stuff. It's so weird to think that first off....I'm 18. It really hasn't hit me in the face yet. It will soon. haha and 2nd....I'm graduating from college in 2 days.

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Gayle J. Randall said...

Congratulations and happy birthday! What a great picture of your family! Loved seeing it. In fact, I think I will save it to my computer. You have a fun group of friends--I can tell.