Friday, October 22, 2010


I am truly blessed with my roommates this year. I am so happy that I am close to my roommates. I was close with my roommates last year but this year, it's different. I am having the time of my life this year!

Here are some of the things that we do in our apartment:

Support LaLa when she tried out for Miss Snow
Decorating our apartment Black, White and Green.
Having sleep overs in the kitchen
Going to black light parties

Going lazer tagging

Playing in the rain
Staying up til 3am talking about random things.

Watching Glee (Yup. They got me hooked on it)

Making t-shirts for the He Is We concert in 2 weeks! (will post about that soon)

Going around campus blasting "My First Kiss" in Bianca's car during True Badger Night.

Making videos for "The LaLa Show"
Making music videos.
Movie marathons on weekends.

I love my roommates so much! They are awesome and we have so much fun! Maybe a little too much fun but hey! we're in college right? Live it to the fullest is my college motto. :)

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Carly Aliene said...

I freaking am in love with Glee! My mommy got me hooked!