Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Christmas Break

A lot of things happened during my Christmas Break. I came home December 17th to my wonderful family with SNOW! Down in E-town we didn't have that much snow so it was a change when I got home.

I worked a lot while I was home. I got a good 30ish hours into McDonald's so that money will help me with this next semester. It was fun to see my awesome co workers again. We had some good stories this time about customers that came in or went through the drive thru.

I went Christmas shopping and I also got bangs. :) I really like my bangs. They are so cute but it's definitely something to get used to. I got Josh a DVD for Christmas and my family gave him the Mistborn book. He said that some of his friends really liked it so I'm glad that he'll get to read that. Josh's presents to me was he took me to my favorite restaurant which is Rodizio Grill. AHHH! It was so good :) I honestly would've been happy with that but he gave me more. He bought me a giant Hershey's Kiss and a keychain with my name on it. :)

Christmas Eve was amazing as usual. We had rice pudding, watched Mr. Bean's Christmas, watched A Nativity Story (which is one of my favorite christmas movies) and we opened one gift which were pajamas this year. It was a little strange because Danny and Vanessa didn't come to the house til Christmas afternoon so it was weird not having her with us on Christmas Morning.

Christmas morning was beautiful. We woke up at around 8am which was fantastic because I love my sleep. We opened stocking where I got a cami, a metal cup (don't ask) money from my favorite Uncle ;), Eclipse the movie, and the original items such as pringles, a chocolate orange, my favorite cereal which is reese's puffs, and a few other things. We had our traditional breakfast which consists of sausage and eggs together, blueberry and chocolate chip muffins and orange juice. We got to our presents and started opening them one at a time. I got new boots, jeans, a coat and new converse shoes! Woohoo! We also had some family gifts so we all opened these together. We got a Wii! I totally saw it coming. We also got some games and Rock Band 3 and the Beatles Rock Band. We got all the stuff for rock band which included a drum set, a bass guitar, a keyboard and a very complex guitar that we're going to sell since we can't play it that well. We had our big Christmas Dinner which was delicious! We did another tradition of Christmas Crackers which were a lot of fun! We spent most of the day just playing with the Wii and all the games we got with it!

For New Years I went with Josh to his family party. I honestly was a little nervous for it because I'd be meeting more of his family but I knew most of his family which was good. We had lots of food, and we played lots of games. We played Settlers of Catan for almost 3 hours! It was such a long game. We also played Buzz Word, Snorta and Liar (or BS). At midnight we went outside and banged pots with metal utensils. It was a lot of fun! Josh kissed me at midnight....oh la la! :) I had a good Christmas break and I wish it was longer than 2 weeks! Back to school for me on Monday. Classes start Tuesday. Will post soon!

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