Monday, January 17, 2011

A Well Needed Break

So this weekend was a holiday weekend which means that I don't have school today (Monday). I was debating whether or not to go home. After this past week, I definitely decided to go home. Plus, I had a date. :)

Friday was a crazy busy day. I took my good friend Tegan home with me because she lives in Tooele and wanted to spend the weekend with her family. I had one class on friday and then I was out of here! I was on the road by 3pm. The drive was long because of all the construction going on I-15. Tegan and I talked and talked which helped a lot and made time go by faster.

I had my date at 7. I went out with Zach before he went on his mission but he doesn't remember that we went on a date before the mish. Weird huh? We went to Five Guys for dinner which was crazy! I cannot believe how many fries you get with your meal! I was so overwhelmed that there was still a big layer of fries when I was full! We then went bowling and yup, Zach got a Turkey (3 strikes in a row for all you non bowlers) and so he won out of 3 games of playing. It was a lot of fun though because at first I sucked then I gradually got better at it. It was a really fun date! I had a great time! :) Thanks Zach!

Saturday was my day to relax! I slept in. How glorious it was. I stayed in my PJ's most of the day playing the Wii with the parents. It was good fun. I really liked just talking to my parents. There was a lot on my mind when I came home for the weekend but talking to them helped me a lot with emotions and my thoughts (P.S. it's not bad thoughts, just recent thoughts)

Sunday was awesome just like any other Sunday. :) Church was fun! Especially being with seven 4-year-olds. Yup. That was interesting. Kids picking their nose, eating it, and looking around to make sure no one noticed. Raising your hand saying "MMEEEE!!!" every time someone asked a question. Wanting all the kids to sit on your lap. Oh the joys of teaching primary! Mom made her famous sweet and sour meatballs which was delish! Ethan came out which was a bonus since he NEVER comes out to the house on Sundays ;) jk. I don't think he ever misses a Sunday.

Today went by way too fast! It needed to slow down. I wanted to relax some more but I can't turn back time or make it slow down. haha Mom and I relaxed all day playing Dr. Mario and watching FRIENDS. Gotta love friends. I headed back down to Snow today. I wasn't quite sure how things were going to be when I got here but so far, things are going better than they were on Thursday, that's for sure. haha Well that's my update on things that happened this weekend.

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Zachary said...

ha ha, now I feel guilty; I'm supposed to let you win ;)It was super fun though