Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What the...what the heck!?

Today is one of my best friends birthday. She is an amazing friend to me and today she is 20 years old. Kudos to you for living this long and for many more to come. We've had some pretty awesome memories together. Here are a few of Janessa and I.Snow College Homecoming 2009. The football game we had so much fun but I remember that night for the homecoming dance, we went for a while just stag until we went home cried our eyes out and had ice cream. :) That was a funny night how we were crying about different things but the ice cream helped us.

Janessa and I were registering for spring semester 2010 in her room and the computer was being dumb so we made our whimpy faces :) I remember laughing pretty hard afterwards.
Winter of 2009. Our crazy adventures of going out in the cold at midnight playing in the snow. Making snow angels in the middle of the road, sliding on our stomaches over the snow, and making cool pictures with 'fog'. So much fun!
Sweethearts Dance Feb 2010. Janessa and I doubled and it was so much fun! We made food and danced the night away! :) I love this picture.
Our Birthday Bash last year. We all came to my house and had a party with pizza and cake and movies! :) That was one of my favorite weekends.

Happy Birthday Janessa! :) Live this next year the best you possibly can! I love you!
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Gayle J. Randall said...

How blessed we are to have good friends! Their influence in our lives is greater than we know. This was a cute post!

Ink said...

Dear Emily,
You are one of the greatest best friends a girl could ask for! Ha ha I totally forgot about that registration picture until I saw it. Ha ha. We've had so many good times, and can't wait for more to come! I love you a lot and thank you for this post! It makes me happy. :) Oh what the...what the heck?! ha ha! Thanks girl :)