Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Snow? Seriously?

So lately we've had quite a bit of snow. Last week we got 6 inches of snow within a few hours. I really wanted to go running that night but it snowed so I couldn't. I wanted to go running last night and guess what? it started to snow! Why is it that I want to go running, it starts snowing?

School is going good. I only had one midterm this semester which was Mass Media. I don't think it was too hard. It just covered everything that we learned so far this semester. I actually will get go find out in about half an hour what I got on my midterm. Kinda nervous but I think I'll be fine.

Spring break is coming! I am so excited. I plan on visiting my friends at my old high school. I also am going to visit my 2nd graders (who are now 3rd graders) I am so excited to see them again. The last time I saw them was Thanksgiving which is way too long! I am also going to watch a movie this next week. I think I want to go see Alice in Wonderland. It's actually an assignment. I have to go see a movie and talk about the experience for my Mass Media class. How cool huh? If there are any movies that you've seen that you reccommend, let me know.

I am actually doing an awesome job at eating healthy lately. I've been reading labels and snacking on healthier foods. My friends and roommates have been helping me a lot with not eating sweets/chocolate. Instead of snacking on chocolate I'm eating apples and pretzels. I actually made an amazing meal last night. It was really easy and SO good. I have chicken quesadillas. I have whole wheat tortillas and I boiled chicken and cut them into little chunks. I put some colby jack cheese on the bottom, put the chicken on, put more cheese on then the tortilla on top. I would put it in the mircowave for about 30 seconds to a minute. I also realized that drinking a lot of water or milk is really good for you. No soda. I haven't had soda for about 2 weeks now. I've gone longer without soda but I really didn't think I could go that long without it. I got an e-mail back from Diana (roundlady) and she said that she's willing to help me. She wants me to e-mail her back what I've been eating for a week and my exercise for a week. I've actually been pretty horrible at exercising lately. I guess walking around campus is my exercise. I'm going to be better next week though. I'm going to be home and I'll have a lot of free time on my hands where I can run and cook good foods and exercise.

I am very excited to go home. Even though I'll be going home a lot this semester, I'll still be very happy and relaxed when I'm home with my parents and siblings. I have friend down here that goes home just about every weekend because she gets so homesick. I feel bad for her but I totally know how she feels about being homesick. I'm not that bad. I do miss my parents a lot. I also want to work on a project. I don't know what that'll be yet but if you have any ideas, let me know.

My roommates are good. Sheri has been crazy busy with art. She gets to display her art at the AltSpace here at Snow. It's so awesome. I'll be sure to get pictures and post them up here soon. She's been busy with midterms too and tons of art and drawing and welding. Alaina is doing good. She is back and forth from being home. She's going to be here for a while I think. I actually think she'll be here for spring break next week. Sad huh? Zenobia is doing okay right now. She's going to Spain over spring break because her fiance got in a car accident monday morning (their time) and it was a head on collision with drunk drivers. He's currently in a coma and is needing brain and back surgery. She is such a strong woman. She has so much faith in the Lord of whatever will happen will happen for a reason. So I don't know if she'll be coming back to Snow after spring break. It just depends on her situation with him. Please keep them both in your prayers. His name is Sebastian.

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