Friday, March 5, 2010


It is so weird to see that March is already here. Time is flying by. February went by really fast. But then again, it's the shortest month out all 12 months.

This week went by pretty good. It was slow at first. Once your busy with homework and other stuff, the week flies by.

So on Tuesday this week, I was on Youtube looking at videos for healthy, cheap recipes and I came across this lady named Diana. She has a blog and she does all these videos about eating healthy and exercising. I instantly got hooked. That night I had to go shopping for food cause I was getting low on food. I started buying all these fruits and vegetables and whole grain stuff. All my friends were so curious as to why I'm buying all this healthy stuff and I told them the reasons. I have been making my own meals this week and they have been very healthy. I made dinner on Wednesday night and I made brown rice and then cooked some vegetables like cauliflower, brocoli, carrots and grilled som chicken and had it over the rice. Oh my good gravy! It was so good. I loved it. I didn't use any butter or anything like that so it was healthy and everything! Then last night I had a baked potato with a litte grated cheese on top with a side of veggies again. It was delicious. I am becoming so much more open to different fruits and vegetables that I haven't liked in the past. This week has been so awesome. I've been lowering the sweets a lot. My roommate Sheri bought some Oreo's last night and she was eating a few and she looked at me and she said "You don't want these disgusting chocolate frosting stuff! No you don't!" She has been helping me so much this week with not eating as many sweets. Whenever I'd see some chocolate or candy she'd say "You don't want that! It's bad for you!" I'd say "No" and walk away. I love Sheri! She's so funny and awesome!

Alaina has been gone this week cause she has clinicals in Payson. She lives in Orem which is closer to Payson then Ephraim so she's living at home this week. She'll be back here in a few days.

Yesterday I was so excited for spring. In the morning, it was so nice and beautiful! I go to History class at 1:30. I look out the window at 2ish and it's snowing. I check the window a few minutes later and it's a blizzard outside! It was like that til about 4:30ish. We got 5 inches of snow on the ground in just 2 and a half hours! I wanted to go running and stuff last night....NO! it got ruined! (Jarom is going to get mad) It's March and it's still snowing! It needs to disappear til next fall.

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