Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break and Talent Show

My spring break was awesome. I came home and I went job hunting. I also went shopping during the week. I got a new jacket and some weights and a work out dvd. I also got New Moon on DVD. Oh my gosh! I went to Walmart to get it with my friend Sydney. All we pretty much did was sit in a line until midnight. We saw the obsessive fans there. teeth marks on the neck, white faces and all! I've started this work out video. It's Jillian Michaels. She's a tough cookie. I started trying it on the Saturday before I went back to school and I was sweating so bad! Good for me though! haha I think it'll really help me. I also have my friends Janessa, Lacey, and Sam working out with me which helps me a lot! I love them so much for helping me with this.

Eating right is going great. I am automatically eating fruits and veggies instead of junk food. I am really happy with eating this way. So far, I've lost 10 pounds! YES! When I saw the scale I screamed for joy! I am progressing so much!

School is going good. We've past mid-terms and it's getting closer and closer to Finals. I am very excited to be done with school but at the same time not. I'm excited to leave cause then I get to help Vanessa out with her wedding and I also get to see Paramore and Relient K in concert on May 10th with Victoria and Lacey. I am nervous for finals. I think if I just study hard and memorize as much as I can, I can do it. Classes are going good. Just going to class and thats about it. Oh and I have a date tomorrow night :) kinda excited!

We had our ward talent show last night and I participated in it. I decided to do the Snowman songs that Inside Out does. I did it for my ward and they LAUGHED and LAUGHED! I'm so happy that they enjoyed my performance. I did the best that I could. There is a stake talent show thats going to be this coming up Monday. My bishop called me today and said that I am going to the stake talent show! I am so excited! The only sad part about going to the stake talent show is that I have to cut my song in half. It's okay though. It'll be amazing! I hope I will do my best and not be nervous or shaky or anything like that. haha I will definitely tell you how it goes on Monday.

Zenobia's fiance is still in a coma. She's having a tough time with it all. I've been praying for her and I really hope that she and Sebastian will be okay. Alaina and Sheri are doing great as always. It's so weird to think that they won't be my roommates anymore in about a month and a half. I am going to try to spend as much time as I can with them before the semester is over.

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Gayle J. Randall said...

Congratulations on your "Snowman" song in the talent show. You'll do great in the stake show! I love to read about what you are doing in college. It brings back many fun memories (and some "finals" and "papers" memories I'd rather forget!)Enjoy your college experience while you're there. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience, even though it can be challenging at times. Thanks for the post!