Sunday, April 11, 2010

Busy Weekend!

I come home and I am already busy, busy, busy. I helped out with all 3 of the bridal showers that happened the past 2 days. They were all really fun in the end. Vanessa got so many presents and it was like Christmas all over again for her. The first shower we went to was at the church here in Lake Point and all the Lake Point people got to come to this shower. Some of Vanessa's friends came as well. I was officially the present girl. I would pass the presents to her and she'd open them and then I'd stack them so they are nice and neat for her to go into her car. We played a game at the first shower where if we have done something then we get a prize. There were a lot of different prizes in the middle. Some of the 'have' things were really funny.

The next shower was at Danny's place in Grantsville. His mom threw the shower. All of the relatives in Danny's family was there. It was a little weird because I only knew about 5 people there. I was so bad with names as well so I didn't remember names. It was fun though. We played some games and had a nice lunch. Vanessa opened more presents and I had to put all the ribbons in her hair for later. After she was done with all the presents, Danny had to kiss her for every ribbon that was in her hair. :) it was so cute seeing them together.

In between showers, Stuart and his really close friend who happens to be a girl named Arie (I don't know if they are together or not. I think they are but I'm not totally sure) came out to Lake Point and she met the family. She's a quilter! We got to see some of her projects and they are so cute! :) I really like her already. I could tell with Stuart that he was different around her but it was like a happy different if that makes sense.

The final shower was the naughty shower! oh la la! haha I'm not going to say much about this cause I can't really say anything. My friend Christina and I were in charge of the shower and we had some games and dinner at the shower. We had spaghetti and salad and all that jazz. We played this song game where we listen to different love songs. There were only 5 of us there. It was Vanessa, Christina, Steff, Mom and I. It was fun though.

I then went on a date with this guy named Jeremy. He's from Taylorsville. He came and picked me up and met dad. Dad was nice which I was happy with. I was so nervous that he would give Jeremy a heart attack or something haha. We went to the gateway and went tot he Clarkplanetarium and watched the U2 laser show. Mom was jealous, of course. We then just walked around the gateway talking. We realized that all the stores were closed along with the resturaunts. We then ate at a Dee's in Taylorsville. It was really fun. We just talked and ate and talked some more. I then got to see where he lived and I met some of his family. His family was really nice. He just took me home after that. :) He's a really nice guy. I had so much fun on this date. He's going to come down to Snow next weekend for the "Spring Masquerade Ball" and he'll be my date for that. He'll also get to meet my roommates and my dorm friends. :)

School is coming to an end fast. Finals are going to be here at any moment. I feel like I'm not going to be ready for it. I just need to study a lot. I found out a little while ago that tuition is going up next year by $100. I am not looking forward to paying that. I really need to get a summer job so I won't have to stress about money. :/

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Gayle J. Randall said...

It ALL sounds like so much fun! You are a busy girl, but isn't it great! How did you meet Jeremy? It sounds like he doesn't go to Snow. Well carry on with the good times. Study hard, do your best and that is all anyone expects of you. See you in a couple of months!