Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Week

this week has gone by really fast and really slow all at the same time.

Monday: I had classes and it was one of those days where you want to go back to sleep and not go to classes. We had FHE that night where we played laptag and missionary tag. :) fun times! My apartment also scored on 2 boxes of brownies. P.S. frozen brownies are the BEST!

Tuesday: This is the day where I started getting sick. UGH! It's never fun when your sick during school. I started coughing and sneezing. I had this cold all week ( still kind of do now but it's almost gone) My roommates and I do roller coaster Tuesdays. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, feel free to go to YouTube and look up "Roller Coaster Tuesdays Vol. 1" You will find it. :)

Wednesday: I did the radio today. It was lovely. I've decided that I like doing the radio. Sometimes I have no idea what to say on the air and I pretty much make it up as I go.

Thursday: We all had classes and I also had Aerobics which was half cardio and half Yoga. Yeah, I'm not very good at balancing but I think with time in this class, I'll get it down eventually. There was also a 50's dance in the Plaza in front of the new library. It was so much fun! There was a live band, my roommates randomly interviewed people about the dance and True Badger night that night. True Badger night. HAHAHAHA! My roommates decided to crash it by getting in Bianca's car and blasting "My First Kiss" in her car. Yeah it was pretty fun getting to ride along with them. :)

Friday: I went to the Manti Temple in the morning with my ward. It's so awesome going to the temple. I have been so bad at not going frequently. Hopefully this year I will be better at it. I love being able to just sit in the temple and ponder on things there and to feel the spirit. Even though I only had 2 classes, they were still very hard to get through seeing how I only had 5 and a half hours of sleep the night before. After my classes, guess what I did!? I took a 2 hours nap. :) It was GLORIOUS! Loved it. Later that night was the glow in the dark stomp. We got a bunch of glow sticks, poked holes in them and splattered it on our clothes! It was awesome! We went to the dance and just chilled for a while. It was fun just chilling. Not being in a mosh pit or anything like that. We then left the dance and just decorated t-shirts with glow in the dark paint while jamming out to music.

Saturday: It was an official lazy day. I slept in til noon. :) We basically chilled in the apartment all afternoon. We went to the General Relief Society Broadcast at the institute which was really good. I loved President Monson's talk on Charity and not judging. Other than that, thats basically my weekend. Good weekend.

I get to go home this coming weekend which makes me happy. I haven't been home for almost a month and it's going to be general conference! woot! I love general conference! Plus I miss my family. It's nice to be on your own but then there are those times where you miss your parents or your family. I've had that a few times this past month. Less than a week til I'm home. That's all for now! Hope to update soon!

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