Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Date with Billy and Birthdays!

I love coming home from college! You get home cooked food, family time, and relaxing moments at home. This weekend was Labor Day and there was lots to do this weekend.

Friday: I came home pretty early. I got to the house at about 2:30ish. I was so happy to just relax for a little bit and not have to worry about school. Mom came home early from work as well. Mom and I went into Salt Lake to do a little shopping for different reasons. Dad's birthday was this weekend so we went shopping for him. I had to get fabric for my sewing class because I'm doing 4 projects this semester. My first 2 projects are a quilt and a purse so mom and I went fabric shopping as well which was perfectly fine with mom. :) I ended up getting 4 charm packs of really fun colored fabrics. I am super stoked to show the class how to make the "Disappearing 9 Patch" quilt! That's basically all we did on Friday. We came home and I went straight to bed because Saturday was going to be a busy day.
Saturday: I woke up and got all ready for a trip up to Logan for 2 reasons. 1. My awesome cousin Whitney set me up on a date with this return missionary named Billy. Him and I had been talking this last week and I think I got more nervous the closer we got to Logan. 2. There are 4 birthdays in september with my family so we all decided to celebrate it all at once.
On with the date! I met Billy at his house and he had told me this previous week that he had a baby grand piano in his front room. I melted when he told me this! I had to play it! I was a bit nervous playing in front of him because I've only played the piano for 2 years. He was really patient with me and was amazed at how much I can play. We then went to a place called Angie's where we had lunch. It was pretty crowded but we were fine with waiting. After lunch, we went Mini Golfing. It was so much fun! He thought he was all cool because he brought his own golf club. We played 2 games and the first time I won and the second time he won. The first time I got a hole in one which made me very happy. Billy had a few close calls but never got a hole in one. We both had a lot of fun in the end. We went to go get some Aggie Ice Cream after mini golf. I got Aggie Blue Mint and Billy got Raspberries n' Cream. We ended up at this amazing park. It was in a rich part of Logan but we had our ice cream on this hill where it over looked the entire valley. It was BEAUTIFUL! We just both sat there for a few minutes just looking at the valley. We then got talking about a few things which was really nice. :) When we checked the time, we'd been on the date for a good 5 or 6 hours. It didn't feel like that long. We met my family at the Logan Zoo and walked around looking at all the different animals. Billy got to meet my family before the date was over. I had such a blast with him! Him and I are going on a 2nd date sometime soon, just don't know when. :D
To celebrate the birthdays, we went to Angie's (2nd time that day for me) for dinner. I wasn't hungry because of lunch just a few hours before. We love getting together and talking about different things that are happening in one anothers lives. Afterwards, we went to Vanessa and Danny's apartment where we had cake and ice cream. The kids got cards for their birthday and dad got ReAl tickets to a game in October. Everyone was happy. Mom, Dad and I left after cake and ice cream. We got to about Layton when we got a flat tire. We didn't have a flash light so we ended up using my cell phone (this was at around 9:30 at night) It was pretty scary seeing and hearing cars going past us at 70 mph but one car stopped and offered to help us. We were just about done when they had stopped so we told them that we were fine. :) It's nice to know that there are still good Samaritans out there in the world.

Sunday: I love Sundays. It's so nice to go to church then come home and just relax. We had Dad's favorite meal which was Sweet and Sour Meatballs. (also one of my favorites) Afterwards, I took a nap. It was GLORIOUS! I realized that the only time I can take a nap on a Sunday is if I'm home because my church down here at Snow is from 1-4pm. By the time I'm home and done eating it's almost 5:30 or 6. Then there are meetings that I'd need to go to since I'm RS Pres and all.

Monday: I slept in! I love sleeping in when I don't have to worry about anything in the mornings. I slowly but surely packed to come back to Snow. I also just spent time with my mom and dad. :) It was good to just spend time with them and not have to worry about things. I left for Snow with my friend Taylor. I realized that I like driving with someone then by myself. When I'm by myself, anything could happen like falling asleep or something but when I'm with someone it makes time go by faster and I'm more alert. I missed Snow though so it's good to be back for a little while. :)

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