Friday, September 10, 2010

Week 3

Time is flying by! I'm having way too much fun so far this year! Okay here are the events that have happened this week.

Monday: It was Labor Day, I told you about it in my last post.

Tuesday: It was safety night. Bianca came back to the apartment with a Mac Book Pro. It is beautiful! We went to safety night with the Mac because we just couldn't let it be by itself yet. :) After safety night, we then started messing around with the different webcam stuff you can do on the mac. We found....The roller coaster! That's right! We now do roller coaster Tuesdays in my apartment! If you have no idea what I'm talking about click here. This is my roommate Victoria at the beginning and then I magically appear with her. Then a bunch of us join in! So fun!

Wednesday: In the building that I live in, there is an old phone booth (obviously doesn't work anymore) and the door folds in and out so we tried to see how many people we could fit in the booth. Then we tried to get all of apartment 101 to get in there but guess who was the poor sport? Lala! It was 11pm when we tried to do this, she didn't want to do any of it! She was being a germ freak because we were all in the old phone booth. She actually went back to the apartment and got window cleaner and started cleaning the windows of the phone booth! Here's some pictures of it.

Thursday: Thursday was a very laid back kind of day. After my Aerobics class, I showered and then Bianca, Kaitlyn, Lala and I went to the institute to play pool. When we got there, we saw a bunch of people playing chair soccer! It's such a fun game! Lala and I played for a little while then we watched. Afterward, we played pool for a little bit and we also played this game called Davi (Dah-vee). It's a fun pool game. :)

Friday: Lala went on a trip to St. George for the weekend so we got to work on the Lala show a little more. We're going to have a disclaimer at the beginning and also the opening credits with each of us. I am so excited for the first episode! We're going to have so much fun this year! Kaitlyn went home today because she got her Mac in the mail at home. She's pretty much in love with it. Bianca and I got bored so we went to the practice field and played some Frisbee. We had dinner and then I had the urge to go to the temple. When I saw the time it was close to 10pm. I went to the Manti temple and I just sat there for about an hour just going through a bunch of things in my mind. I figured out a lot of things and I also got some peace on some things that were on my mind. I love going to the temple. Whether it's going inside or just sitting outside of the temple. I really could feel Heavenly Father's love for me. I know that he'll be there to guide me as Relief Society President. I love him so much and I love the gospel. :) just sayin'

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