Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hot and Bored

This week has been hot, hot and oh yeah hot. The house has been very hot today and in the past few days. Vanessa and I have been sweating and complaining about the heat. So we decided to go outside and water the lawn (which is sadly very dry) Vanessa and I got in our swim suits and got each other wet. It was a lot of fun. Even though we thought we were lame.

This week both Vanessa and I have been busy with work and other things. I've been working at the Dry Cleaners a lot this week and Vanessa at McDonalds and getting college things together. We had a really weird thunder storm the other night. We had the storm at night and then the next morning it was clear weird. Grandma, Vanessa and I went to Costco to get things grandma needed and it was pouring rain in West Valley but once we got to Magna it was dry and all. crazy stuff.

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