Friday, July 18, 2008

This Weekend

So today I went on a date with Lee Johnson. He just turned 16 in May and he hadn't been on a date yet. So Vanessa and I decided to kidnap him and go on a date. Vanessa got a date and then we called Lee's mom to tell her what we were doing and then we kidnapped him this morning. We took him to Wal-Mart and played the item game there. Lee and I won. It was fun. Then we went to the movies and saw "The Dark Knight". It was a really good movie. Heath Ledger was amazing in it. It's strange to know that it was his last movie. He did a really good job playing the Joker. I thought that was his best movie he's done that I've seen at least. I haven't seen the other Batman movies but I thought this one was really good. It was a really long movie. It was about two and a half hours long. Well, After the movie we went to Coldstone and had ice cream. It was a great date and I hope Lee had a good time going on his first date.

Well, this weekend is going to be interesting. Mom leaves to go to Canada tomorrow. Lucky duck! I wanna go with her. I wouldn't mind hanging around quilt shops all day. As long as I have my favorite books to read. I also wanted to try Poutine again. I thought it was pretty good when I tried it like 2 years ago with Eric, Garth, Vanessa and Minkins. Good memories. I miss the Mr. Big's and the Aero's. They were good. Mr. Big's are my favorite canadian candy bar. Aunt Kaye! Remind my mom to get a few Mr. Big's and Aero's. k?

I get to work tomorrow at the motel. I think this next paycheck is going to be good. I'm excited cause it's all going to the cell phone I'm getting. I'm going to be on Vanessa's plan and I'm just going to pay half and she the other half. I'm excited to finally have my own phone and unlimited text. I don't know what phone I'm going to get but I know for sure it's going to be a cheap phone. Maybe Ethan can help me with picking out a good phone.

Tomorrow night I'm going to a friends house. Her name is Stephanie Welsh. She's Korean and she just went on a trip to Korea to visit her friends and family. She got something for me from Korea so I'm going over there to hear her stories and to get my little gift. Her dad is really nice. He'd take Steph and I to Tooele and get us junk food and dinner where ever we wanted to go. I like going over to her house. Her and her dad are so nice to me and I just feel right at home there. So those are my plans for the weekend.

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