Monday, July 14, 2008

My Senior Pictures

Well, I just put up a slide show of all my senior pictures. I hope you like them cause I love them.

So Today it was my second time working at the dry cleaners. I really like my job there. Sometimes it gets a little hectic but it's better than any other job I've had. Like today we had this lady come in to pick up a friends order and she complained about how she wanted it just hemmed and not dry cleaned. I had no idea what to do so I called one of my friends that was working and they helped me out but I guess the lady got impatient and mad and just said "whatever, thanks for the great service" she said it all sarcastic but it was my first mean customer. My friend called my boss at that time and told her what happened. My friend handed me the phone and my boss was asking me how I like my job so far and a few other questions. My boss is very flexible with my schedule. I mean I'm going to the Show Choir Retreat which is August 6th and I talked to my boss today and she said to not worry about it. I love my boss. She's really nice and I hope I work there for a while.

I got asked on a date by my friend named Zach Schow. I'm kind of excited cause it's tomorrow night. We're going to dinner and a movie. We're going to Pizza Hut. I don't think he knows this yet but it's one of my favorite places to eat. I don't know what movie we're going to go see but he hasn't seen Wall*E and I have but I don't mind at all seeing it again. I love the short film at the beginning for thoses who have seen it before. I can't wait for the date. I haven't been on a date for a while so it'll be nice to have fun for a while.

My best friend Brittney is getting her wisdom teeth out tomorrow. I totally forgot that she was getting them out this week. My friend Aila is getting hers out on wednesday so it's 2 friends in a week becoming human chipmunks (cause their cheeks are all puffy :) thats why I call them that) but I'm going to have mine out at the beginning of next year. So I will feel their pain. I'm going to their ice cream party on friday cause thats all they can eat is ice cream.

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Kaye said...

Such pretty pictures, Emily! I love the one where you're reflected in the table or whatever it is. You look a lot like Vanessa in some of these. I've never noticed that before. Have fun on your date!