Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sheri and NyQuil

So last night was very interesting. I totally wish Alaina (my roommate) would've been home to watch.

Sheri (another roommate) has been sick the past week or so and yesterday she just wasn't feeling good at all. She's got a bad cold. So I asked her if she wanted to take some NyQuil before she goes to bed and she said that she's never had NyQuil before. So I told her that it would help her get to sleep very easily. She got all excited saying "Yes! I wanna get knocked out!" hahaha I was so surprised that she wanted to take it that bad.

So at about 11:45pm last night I gave her the medicine and she said "I just swallow it....right?" I kept a straight face and said "No Sheri, you have to chew it til it disolves in your mouth" and she pulled this disgusted look on her face like she didn't want to do it anymore. I statrted laughing and told her that I was kidding and she was relieved. I then told her that she should be ready for bed before she takes it so she got ready for bed then she got all nervous asking "So does it just happen really fast or is it a slow process?" and I told her that it was a slow process even though I wanted to joke with her again so bad. She took it and she got all excited again saying "I can't wait to go to sleep!" She was fast asleep within 20 minutes. She said this morning "It really worked! I totally felt it hit me!" She was all excited that it worked and she might be doing it again tonight. I think it would be funny to record it sometime. She was pretty crazy last night. :D

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