Thursday, February 25, 2010


School has been incredibly busy for me lately. I've been running around everywhere for the past week. I've had an awesome week too.

School is school. I've had a lot of homework and studying the past week. It has made me incredibly tired and I go home this weekend so I will be happy once I'm in the car tomorrow afternoon.

I have had some good luck with dating lately. I've been on 3 dates in the past week. How awesome is that? The first one was last Thursday and we went to Roys (FatJacks) for dinner then we went to the bowling alley where they had this bowl party. You got unlimited bowling, air hockey, pool, guitar hero and drinks. It was a lot of fun. The second date was Saturday. I actually had Ethan and Stuart come down to Snow and go on a date with some of my friends. We made them dinner at my friends apartment. We had taco salad and for dessert we had chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches. We then played some games. First we played BS and the second game we played Egyptian Rat Slap. That got really intense. It was so much fun cause we were all involved in the game. We just chilled for a little while afterwards. Megan and Stuart played their guitars and some others watched a movie. I think Ethan and Stuart had a really fun time that night. The girls did as well. The third date was this past Tuesday. It was with my friend Casey. We went to Manti for dinner. I don't remember the place where we ate but I do know that it was a steak house place. something Grill. If you know, let me know. We then went bowling. We played 2 games and he won both times. It was a close game though. His final score was 135 and mine was 131.

I found out who I'm going to live with next year here at Snow. I am going to be living in the same apartment as I am now. Just a different room. There are 3 bedrooms in the apartment. The first and third rooms are private and the second room is shared. I live in the shared room this year. Next year I will be living in the first room with my friend Kaitlyn Waters. The second room is a private room and that is where my friend Victoria Toa is going to live. The third room is shared and I don't know who is going to live in there. I think it will be 2 freshman next year. I am so excited to come back here in the fall. It'll be a lot of fun.

As I said before, I'm coming home tomorrow for the weekend. It is my friends mission farewell on Sunday so I will be there to see him one last time for 2 years. He has been my friend ever since Head Start! That's before pre-school! He's an awesome guy and he will be a good missionary. Another reason why I'm coming home this weekend is because my best friend Deseree is moving in with my second mom Yvie. Yvie lives in Tooele so I will get to spend more time with Des! I am so excited to see her and Yvie. We're having a party tomorrow night so it'll be so much fun!

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Gayle J. Randall said...

You're having so much fun at college! It's so great that you're writing about all of it so that you will be able to remember all of the fun that you had. I love reading about all of your college experience and remembering my own. It's a great time in your life--enjoy it!