Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Phone!

I finally got a new phone! I've been wanting one so bad now for so long! I had a slide phone which was nice when I first had it and then buttons stopped working on it. Drove me crazy. So yesterday I called T-mobile and asked if i qualified for a full upgrade and she said yes so I went to the T-Mobile store and checked out their phones. Didn't know which ones to get but I was looking at touch screens. I finally decided on one and got it. Phil went with me but didn't buy a phone. He decided that he wanted to look online. I really like my new phone. it's so nice and it's 10 times better than my old phone. It's a Nokia Nuron.

I'm getting more hours in at McDonald's. Which is helping me stay busy. I've also been playin the piano a lot. I love playing it and getting to know different songs on the piano.

The 4th of July was fun! Instead of going to the parade in the morning, we watched the world cup on TV. We also did waterballoon launching on our street. Okay, story time! So I was down watching the guys catch waterballoons for a while and I was leaning on Stu's car by the cemetery. I was just watching the waterballoons fly until I see this one coming straight for my head. I ducked my head and put my hands on the back of my head to protect it and I just hear this whoosh sound in my right ear and I hear it hit the gravel. Both Danny and Dad said "You were lucky you ducked your head because if you didn't, it would've hit you right in the ear!" It was so scary at the time but I was really lucky. We then had dinner which was hamburgers, baked beans, corn on the cob, potato salad, fruit salad and punch. It was soo good. :) We went to Grantsville to watch fireworks and I ran into my best friend from college Janessa McNeill! I was so happy to see her. I hadn't seen her in 2 or 3 weeks :) it was pretty awesome! The fourth of july weekend was really good. :)

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