Monday, July 26, 2010

One more month!

It's less than a month until I am back down to good ol' E-town. I am so excited to be going back! I miss my friends and it'll be so fun to meet new people. I am getting two new roommates this year. I think their names are Hayley and Holly. They aren't twins but I know they are freshman. I am so excited to meet them and to become good friends with them.

I am also getting roommates who lived just across or down the hall from me. Kaitlyn Waters is going to be my room roommate this year! I am so excited! She is such an awesome friend and I can't wait to spend the next year making memories with her!

Victoria Tuakimoana! She is going to be one of my roommates. She is the most awesome girl ever! I love her so much. She will make the apartment laugh so hard this year. I can tell already it'll be a good year!

I also get to see all my other friends that are down there or are going to be down there including my former roommates Zenobia and Melanie. :) I love them both so much and they made me a better person just by being my roommate for a semester each.

I will also have the awesome joy of being close to family. My Aunt Gayle and Uncle Scott just got home from their mission in Kenya. They live in Fairview which isn't too far away from E-town. It'll be nice to get to see them more often and to have them meet my friends and roommates.

I am taking some awesome classes this fall. One of them will be in the new library which is very exciting since it opens in August sometime. I will also be on the radio this fall. My former home teachers Nick and Chris were on the radio last year during spring semester which was a lot of fun. They made us laugh so hard and we had good memories with them!

Can't wait to move down there!


Anonymous said...

ya im so excited to go back. The only thing is how do you know your roommates I dont know mine. Well have a great day :D

Emily Young said...

I found out their names before I went home for the summer. I don't know if its the same or not but yeah....