Sunday, August 29, 2010

Paint Fight and New Calling!

This is Kaitlyn, Me and Victoria at the game!

Yesterday, I woke up at 10:30 to the fire alarm going off. My roommate Lala made french toast for us and forgot to turn on the fan above the stove. I went to the rescue and helped her out. Seems like I'm doing that a lot with Lala. It was good french toast and it was nice of her to make it for us.

After breakfast, we then went to the practice field where Snow was having a paint fight. Everyone dove into it and had a blast. My roommate Kaitlyn has a legit camera and she wanted pictures of the whole thing so she gave it to me to take as many pictures as I wanted. I ended up taking over 400 pictures of the paint fight, and the football game that we went to right after all the paint throwing. They also had a slip-n-slide where the people that had paint could go on. It was an awesome game because we slaughtered the other team 80-6. GO BADGERS!

I went to church today to see my new ward. I was very nervous but I knew what was coming during sacrament meeting. I got sustained as Relief Society President of my ward. Yippie! I'm so excited but so nervous about it. We had the relief society and priesthood split just for a few minutes and so I got to see how many girls I am going to meet this year and there are A LOT! Like 80% of my ward is girls. 20% are boys but out of the boys like 5% are Returned Missionaries. It's going to be an interesting year but I'm so excited! Tomorrow is meet your bishop night combined with an ice cream social and a dance. This should be fun. :)

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Mardee said...

Hi Emily, It's Danny's mom.....
I have to say that I have never heard someone shout "YIPPIE" upon being sustained as the Relief Society President!:) You will be awsome! I can't say that I like to girl to guy ratio though...keep smilin' :)