Friday, April 22, 2011

2 years at Snow College

I've spent my last 2 years here in Ephraim, Utah studying all these different subjects to be able to graduate with my Associate of Science. I have about a week til Graduation. Time is flying by. Here are some of my favorite memories from the past 2 years here at Snow.Finals week last year, Sheri, Alaina, Justin and I sat in front of a black light for hours drawing on our faces. It was so much fun and I remember being fascinated that highlighters were bright under black light.Melanie, Dani and I went down to Richfield for one weekend to watch a the play "Footloose" and to just see Richfield and Glenwood. It was a fun weekend. :)

Sheri, Alaina and I become White Ninja Cats for a day. I remember Sheri scaring me when I came out of the bathroom! Good times! Lots of fun!Janessa, Lacey, Sam and I last year made Phil, the bunny cake. :) It was around Easter time last year and so we made the cake for our own little Easter party. It was a really fun night that night. These girls are my best friends and I love them to death!

October this year. There was a beautiful thunderstorm going on outside and I was having a gloomy day. I decided that I wanted to dance in the rain, my roomies joined me. We all got soaked but it was well worth it!
One night Bianca, Victoria, Kaitlyn and I decided we'd watch the stars. We went to the practice field and watched the stars while taking fun pictures and listening to music. Loved it!
This day and this whole weekend was a blast. We went to a concert in Salt Lake City featuring Allred, He Is We, and The Rocket Summer. The next day Kaitlyn had 3 photoshoots and we just tagged along. It was a fun weekend where we relaxed and enjoyed ourselves.

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The Nielsens said...

Love it!

So happy for you to be graduating! What's next?

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