Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dear Finals Week

This is indeed a bittersweet time for the both of us seeing how this is the last week that I will be here at Snow College and will be doing school for a little while. Thank you for making this week very relaxed and stress free! :) Here is what I have going on this week.

Monday: Haircut. Human Biology Lab Final. Packing.

Tuesday: Free Finals Breakfast. Pick up finals from Child Lit, First Aid, and Early Childhood Development. Packing.

Wednesday: Human Biology Lecture Final. Packing. Midnight Breakfast.

Thursday: Packing. Cleaning.

Friday: Packing up the car. Cleaning. Saying goodbyes.

Saturday: Graduation. Leaving Ephraim to Lake Point. Unpacking :)

It really feels like this week is more of a Spring Break or something. Not much going on with my life this week.

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