Monday, August 31, 2009

The longest time I've been away from home.

I know it sounds lame but it's so true. This is the longest time I've been away from my parents, my family and home. It's weird but I'm actually doing pretty good. I'm loving the college life. My roommates are awesome. Classes are fun. Some of my teachers are hilarious. I haven't really done much here. Just studying and hanging out with friends. I haven't been on a date yet. I'm hoping that I'll be going on one soon.

My ward is amazing. I was at church yesterday and we were in sacrament meeting just starting and my bishop goes up to the stand and he is grinning from ear to ear and he just said "Hoorah for Israel! I've never seen this ward so big. It makes me so happy!" We were laughing so hard cause he said Hoorah for Israel :D I really like my ward. We had a ward BBQ today at our Stake High Council's house who is also the president of Snow College so it was fun. My bishop came up to me and told me that I will be getting a calling soon but I won't find out til the Sunday after Labor Day so I'm a little excited for it. I haven't had a calling for a while so it'll be nice. I think I'm going to be a Sunday School teacher but thats just my guess. If anyone else wants to guess what I'll get, feel free. I know that the Relief Society is all full so it's something else. haha

I'm so excited to be going home this weekend. I miss my family but I haven't been too homesick.

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