Monday, November 8, 2010

Knee Problems

So about a week and a half ago I was in Aerobics and we were doing warm ups where we'd step onto the step and do kicks or knees or something. Anyway, I was doing that and my right knee suddenly popped. It was a very painful pop. I told the instructor what had happened and she told me to ice it for the next few days and stay off of it. I did just that and that weekend it was fine.

This past weekend didn't help at all. Because Bianca's car broke down, I had to drive and so I was driving for 2 hours using my right leg to drive and my knee started hurting again. Once we got to Salt Lake we went to the concert which was 3 hours of standing. Yup, my knee wasn't too happy with me. Saturday Kaitlyn did a photoshoot on Saltair where there was nothing to sit on but the ground which was salt so if I sat on the ground my jeans would turn white haha so once I got home I slept. Sunday at church, knee was acting up all day so I decided to go get it checked.

I went to the doctor today who was totally legit. Normally you'd see a guy walk in wearing tennis shoes, shirt and tie with a white coat on. The doctor that I went to came in with black boots, black pants, and a black cowboy button up shirt on. AWESOME! He was really nice. I told him what I just told you guys and he then proceeded to do weird things to my legs and knees. I would watch him then listen to what he'd say. He 'wiggled' my knees to check something and when he was checking my right leg he said "Hmm thats interesting" and I was like "what is it?" I was so afraid that i'd have to get surgery. He told me that I had torn my LCL and part of my MCL which is very rare apparently. Usually it takes quite a big accident to tear your MCL so I must've done something weird.

He told me that I have to be in a brace for a month or so. UGH! I'm not looking forward to it. He said that I can't go to aerobics for a month either. Don't know how that's gonna go down but I'll find out tomorrow. Here's a picture of my beautiful brace. :) I'm gonna hate it when my one month is up.

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