Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So about a week ago, a girl who lives upstairs in my building got baptized. She had one of her best friends introduce her to the missionaries a month or so ago. She started taking discussions and started reading the book of mormon.

She then got more and more friendlier to other people in the building. Her friend Jana came to our apartment and introduced Nikki to us. I knew that her and I were going to be good friends when I first saw her. :) On November 8th She was her baptism day. She was so nervous. I had the privilege to be at the top of the stairs and watch her get baptized. My friend Regan baptized her. As soon as she walked up the stairs I wrapped a towel around her and hugged her saying how happy I was that she got baptized.

One of the amazing things that I love about the spirit is that it's always with you. I ran into Nikki today at the cafeteria and I could see that glowing spirit about her. :) I loved it! I've never seen her this happy. Here are some pictures of the baptism.

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Gayle J. Randall said...

What a great friend you are, Emily! And in this case, that makes you a great missionary, too! Congratulations to Nikki!