Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Adventurous Weekend

This weekend was crazy but awesome all at the same time! Okay just to warn you all, this is going to be a long story but it's awesome!

Friday: I was done with classes by 11:30am and I pack my stuff for an awesome weekend of an amazing concert of Allred/He Is We/The Rocket Summer. I had made a shirt for the concert specifically for He Is We.
I am totally in love with them! My roommates have introduced me to them this year and I immediately fell in love. :) All my roommates are home and it's 3:30 when we leave. We're jamming out to music as we leave Nephi. We're on I-15 when Bianca tells us that Lala doesn't like her car cause it makes funny noises when it accelerates. Just as she said that her car (Barney) totally went up in smoke so we pulled over to see that the car was leaking oil. She called a tow truck because her car wouldn't start and the time was now 5:15. The tow truck guy named Brett (who is 23 and single. major flirtage) took us back to Nephi where we took the car to a repair shop. My good friend Trevor picked us up and took us back to Ephraim where we got my car (Sheela) and we were finally on our way. The time: 6:00pm.

We drive straight to salt lake where we hope and pray that the concert didn't start. We got to club sound where we found out that the concert didn't start til 8pm. Lucky for us, we got there at 8:10. BOOYA! We made it. T-shirt? Check! Money? Check! Cameras? Check! We were set. Allred was first and don't worry! I totally got a picture with him.
He Is We was AMAZING!!!!!!! Rachel was so much fun and she's so beautiful!! Trevor was incredible at the guitar. The End! Here are some pictures of them :) :) :)

The Rocket Summer! Bryce was so funny! He would talk in between songs and it would be like a 5 minute story but still very fun! He told this story about when he worked at Starbucks and how this guy would order a very specific drink and he would totally just mix random things together haha good times! He was sweating like NO OTHER though. Kinda gross but he was getting way into his songs!
Good concert over all! Love it! My roommates finally got to meet Josh (except for Victoria cause she was with family) I think they like him. :) We crashed at Bianca's place at like 2 in the morning. Super tired.

Saturday was a pretty awesome day. Kaitlyn did a photoshoot with 3 dancers for her final project in her photography class. We went out to Saltair where they danced. Here are some pictures.
After that we went to Pleasant Grove for Kaitlyn to do 2 more photoshoots. After the photoshoots we played around in some leaves before we went to meet Eric (Kaitlyn's future husband) He's so cute! I definitely approve Miss Kaitlyn! We then went to her house where we ate pizza and cookies. We then left for E-town a little while later. When we got back to the apartment, I just crashed. I was so tired from driving and staying up late and the concert. Good weekend though. :)

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